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Let’s Create a sisterhood of…

Women of Grace and Honour

Whatever the time of the year...

We enjoy coming together to celebrate all that God has done and continues to do for His people. These are precious times to connect with one another, with our community and with Your Inner Spirit.

Our Meeting times:

2nd and 3rd Tuesday of Every Month 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Live on our TV Channel

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Rev. Ann Asare at or contact the TWMI team, via button below.

2021 Annual Conference 17th - 19th Sept 2021. Details TBC

Connection and a Space for All Age Women

Push beyond your limits:

Rev Ann Asare_ The Word Ministry International UK - TWMI
Rev Ann Asare _ The Word Ministry TWMI
The Word Ministry International - TWMI

You Can Achieve anything

Life has been made hard by our very thoughts and actions for centuries. For many it is big and scary; yet Living your Divine Purpose is completely within each and every single one of us. It's within our reach. As a Woman of Grace and Honour, You can Simplify your life and make it easier to go through challenges by Faith. You could be part of so much:

Come to The Well & Drink

Women of Grace and Honour is a Community of Women who Empower other women through the word of God. We HELP women of all races to discover who they are in their community and in Christ. Our focus, is on family.We help to guide women as gate keepers to dig deeper into God’s proven principles and liberating purpose so that they can birth families that are divinely purposeful as they were create to be.

There is more...

One-to-one counseling, Leadership training, Group discussions about your life's Challenges. Day outs just for women - "You Time" Happy to assist, Whether you are a single mother, career woman, elderly, or a young woman, unsure of life's path, there is always support with us.


Some of Our Happy Members!

“The cornerstone of The Word Ministry International is word and prayer. Because of that miracles happen and I am one of them. I received a tangible manifestation of God’s healing power through TWMI”
Florence Guest_TWMI Church Member
Florence Guest

2021 Spiritual Awakening Conference 17-19th Sept

Empoweing event of the season. 

Do you know when and where it will be held? 

Contact Us for Details on Dates and Speakers of the next Conference Today. 

Rev. Nick Asare The word Ministry International UK - TWMI

Rev Nick Asare MC and Speaker

Julie Syl Kalungi- Speaker Spiritual Awakeking

Mrs. Julie Syl Kalungi; Chair of WODIN, Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker 2020 Conference

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Becoming a member is Free!

We all need a friend/s esp in life’s challenges. Even when we celebrate, it is that much more fun and impactful when we do it with a friend. Women of Grace and Honour can be your friend of all seasons. 


 Mother’s Day 

DATE: 14th March 2021 ACTIVITIES: Teaching, Praise and Worship, Presentations, Food and Much More  

Outreach – Visiting vulnerable people in the local area, Dates To Be Confirmed 

Please Contact Us for Dates, Times and Start Location

Children Charity

Our charity for children was created for children in dire need both in the UK and in Africa. So, we constantly run fundraising events, because we firmly believe every child of God deserves a chance to a good quality of life


Be part of the Most Uplifting SPIRITUAL AWAKENING This Decade.